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“I was skeptical about the LENS but am so glad I tried it. Was hoping it would help with sleeping better, and it did. Wasn’t expecting that something like my dyslexia would improve too.  I just feel better.” ~K.B. ~ Cody

“For the first time in years I’m having good dreams and remembering them!” ~ H.D. ~ Cody

“We’re all getting LENS treatments. The kids and I have ADD and we’re all noticing improvements in getting things done!” ~ Powell family

“I’m able to balance on one foot and hop. First time ever.” ~ Young man with cerebral palsy  after the 4th LENS session.

“Had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years!” ~ Mother from Texas

“My son is so much calmer. I am so surprised!” ~ Mother of a son with autism.

“I feel like I just think clearer. Things that normally would upset me don’t. It’s nice to feel so much more grounded.” P.F. ~ Ralston

“I haven’t had a headache in months!” ~ C.D. ~ Powell