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Couples Counseling

Loving and committing to another person and choosing to share a life together are monumental decisions. It takes love, truth, respect, openness, humor and hard work to create and maintain a successful relationship. Marriages need to be tended to like gardens and nourished continually. Over time you will notice the natural ebb and flow in your relationship. The task is to appreciate and enjoy the good times and mindfully and diligently work through the challenges. When the difficulties endure for too long and you find yourselves disconnecting, it is time to seek help. When one person begins to feel dissatisfied, unhappy and unsure about the relationship, or communication stops, seek help, especially when there is abusive behavior like emotional, physical or sexual abuse, an active addiction or an act of betrayal. There is hope if you choose to work with your problems.

People in relationship are either “moving towards connection or are distancing”. Couples counseling is a way to improve communication, enhance understanding and build positive skill sets to stay healthy and happy in the relationship. It  is an excellent platform to receive expert support and guidance to help move you towards the positive feeling experience within your relationship.

Prior to your initial couples consultation please read the following to get a better idea of how to make the therapeutic process more productive for you:     HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF COUPLES THERAPY

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