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The Mind-Body Approach & Practices

I believe in an integrative and holistic approach to treatment and care. This philosophy acknowledges the connection between our mind, body, spirit and life circumstances. This means You, as a “whole person” is taken into account, as we begin to explore and understand more thoroughly your psychological and relationship needs. Methods and techniques that build on your strengths and strengthen the mind-body connection are utilized in the therapeutic process. You can make gains in your personal health and growth if you stay connected to yourself in your daily life. Engage in practices that orient and focus you, and you will begin to feel less stressed, more centered and achieve that which you desire more rapidly.

I utilize the following therapies to work with issues such as stress management, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, habit disorders, ADHD, and peak performance training:

  • LENS Neurofeedback
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • EMDR
  • EmWave Stress Relief System
  • Photonic Stimulator Light Therapy
  • Relaxation & Guided Imagery
  • Mindfulness & Breathwork
  • Regression Therapydreamstime_s_31726290