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Welcome to my Cody, Wyoming private practice! My specialty is integrative therapies with an emphasis on the newest bio-technology that includes the LENS neurofeedback and the Bioresonance Pulsed EMF Therapy as part of my Frequency Therapy Room. With my years of training in clinical hypnosis, understanding of energetic healing practices and FDA approved integrative therapies I may be able to help you release what’s weighing you down to create a lighter and brighter experience of yourself .

Let’s work together to create a treatment plan of action to help you with anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, grief, depression and whatever else life might throwing your way. Let’s work together to find effective strategies for you to create the experience you want in your everyday life. Let’ s help you activate your full potential to get you recalibrated into a better feeling frequency and find the strategies to best integrate into your new way of living your life. Let’s help you be and feel the best you can to live fully.

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Join me, Leyla Dim, LPC for a unique experience of healing and wellness. My years of working with so many folks, training in complementary medicine and desire to want people to live to the fullest is what I can offer you in your healing.


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Let’s help your brain and nervous system regulate itself better with the LENS Neurofeedback System. Incredible alternative treatment for anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, trauma, chronic pain, and anything nervous system based.


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